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You Say Loan Participation, I Say Securities, Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off

Read time – 2 minutes A federal district court in New York is currently hearing a case to determine if syndicated term loans are securities under US federal and state Blue Sky securities laws. The case (Marc S. Kirschner v. J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, N.A.) came about when borrowers, Millennium Health, LLC and certain of … Continue Reading

Sunshine backed bonds – time to look on the sunny side?

So called ‘sunshine backed bonds’ are one of the newest and most exciting asset classes to enter the asset-backed securities market since the financial crisis. The resurgence of the market has led to a number of esoteric ABS issuances in recent months but it was solar energy that seemed most ripe for applying securitisation techniques … Continue Reading

May we sell your services please?

There are two points that must be made in order to get you from where this idea started to where it is today and why we believe we are in a great position to put this project into practice.  It is not as though I will know if you skip the next two paragraphs to … Continue Reading