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2021 is so far proving to be a stellar year for European CMBS, and if the current momentum continues 2021 will go down as a truly bumper year for the product.  Like many other financial transactions, despite a promising start to 2020, CMBS certainly ended up having a torrid ride on

Whether you are a supporter of using CMBS to finance commercial real estate or not, the simple fact is that it provides an efficient mechanism to transfer commercial real estate loan risk away from the banking sector, whilst at the same time providing much needed transparency to the commercial real estate lending market. In light

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The economic fallout of COVID-19 will be hugely significant for the European CMBS market, as a perfect testing environment has been created to truly examine the resilience and robustness of CMBS 2.0. Indeed, the impact of COVID-19 will be a true litmus test as to whether those structural reforms

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When it comes to the nuts and bolts of commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS), one of the key features that will be at the very forefront of any Arranger’s mind will be the mechanism by which ‘excess spread’ (i.e., the positive difference between amounts received on the underlying loans and the liabilities of the issuer – or, in other words, profits) is not only extracted from structures in an efficient manner, but also in such a way as to maximise returns. Although this is a standard feature for CMBS, a review of recent transactions reveals a high degree of variance in extraction structures across deals.
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The recent news that Blackstone and Lone Star have just securitized a portfolio of re-performing loans secured by Spanish and Irish real estate respectively, could potentially mark the arrival of a new era for the European securitization market. Indeed, if these transactions prove themselves to be the green shoots for the emergence of a new fixed income product, then this has the potential to have widespread positive ramifications for not only yield hungry fixed income investors but also for those banks that have balance sheets saddled with large volumes of non-performing loans (NPL).
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As we approach the final quarter of the year, it is clear that during the course of 2012 the CRE industry has really begun to find its feet and take some significant steps towards counteracting the excesses of the past. Indeed last week saw the long awaited completion of the restructuring of Opera Finance (Uni-Invest) CMBS thus heralding in a new era for the restructuring of CMBS. Meanwhile Deutsche Bank is set to bring Europe’s first CMBS agency deal since 2007 to market (a circa €650m to €700m German multi-family CMBS). Given that agency deals such as this have been seen by many as one of the solutions for the refinancing void market participants will be keen to see this price well.
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